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What You Need to Do to Protect Your Tech Organization

Beyond Identity's Husnain Bajwa on How to Be Agile and Secure in a Zero Trust World
What You Need to Do to Protect Your Tech Organization

Technology and software-as-a-service, or SaaS, companies have disrupted traditional business models and become a dominant force in business. As businesses that ship code at scale, these companies need cybersecurity that:

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  • Provides coverage of all cloud applications that enable employee productivity;
  • Is deeply ingrained in the development process to protect infrastructure as code;
  • Ensures product integrity;
  • Enables visibility and control over all devices requesting access to company resources, including non-managed devices;
  • Provides end users a frictionless authentication experience and account security.

The question is: How do technology companies contend with the increased attack surfaces and trajectories without decreasing productivity in the context of a competitive cloud-native world?

Agility in a Zero Trust World

Providing secure access in a cloud-first, hybrid environment cannot be solved with a patchwork of tools, including SSOs, MFA and VPNs or MDMs. While these technologies are important components of enterprise security architectures, they leave glaring blind spots. Secure authentication must solve the problems of phishable authentication factors, bring-your-own devices or BYOD, device security posture, zero trust risk policy enforcement, and user identity.

The key is securing access without burdening users. Requiring your employees, partners, contractors and customers to jump through MFA loops lowers productivity, slows onboarding and increases IT overhead. Frictionless authentication is the solution.

Authentication Must-Haves

Authentication must verify user identity and the integrity of devices used. Establishing strong device trust ensures device security before granting access and continuously during authenticated sessions. In addition, your authentication solutions must also be frictionless, phishing-resistant, and future-proofed for a zero trust architecture.


Authentication should enable productivity and accelerate onboarding. This means there should be no extra steps, including one-time codes, push notifications or picking up a second device.


Avoid phishable factors for authentication. Phishable factors include passwords, push notifications and one-time codes.

Zero Trust-Compliant

Authentication must comply with the “never trust, always verify” mandate of a zero trust architecture.

Secure Authentication for All of Your Users

Modern workforces cannot rely exclusively on controls that only target employees and corporate-owned devices. Your contractors, consultants and customers don’t want to deal with complicated password requirements and MFA steps.

As the only solution that delivers phishing-resistant MFA with zero user friction, Beyond Identity allows SaaS and tech companies to secure critical company data, code repositories and applications confidently and without frustrating either in-house or external users. Customers experience zero authentication friction, and they can proceed with their transactions knowing they are fully protected from account takeover fraud. A robust policy engine and easy integration with your existing architecture also means your developers can focus on building your product.

In alignment with a zero trust approach, Beyond Identity delivers phishing-resistant MFA and real-time device posture across managed and unmanaged devices. It also enables enforcement of risk-based policy assessments to inform allow, deny or step up decisions at the moment a user attempts to login and access critical applications. If your organization is ready to provide identity security that extends to contractors, partners and other BYOD users without resorting to heavyweight, onerous and intrusive solutions, Beyond Identity is the solution you’re looking for.

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Husnain Bajwa, Vice President of Product Strategy, Beyond Identity

Husnain Bajwa, Vice President of Product Strategy, Beyond Identity

Vice President of Product Strategy, Beyond Identity

Husnain Bajwa is Vice President of Product Strategy at Beyond Identity. He has over 25 years of experience in large-scale networks, infrastructure platforms, and cybersecurity. Previously, Husnain held technology leadership roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba Networks, Ericsson, and BelAir Networks.

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